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REMEMBER : We also offer 11 + (11 Plus) tutoring for 11+ grammar school entrance tests, we can mentor, coach and tutor your child from when they are in Year 3 all the way up to their tests in early Year 6. We can offer this throughout most of the summer holidays too.

MasterClass Tuition offers one to one private tutoring in Coventry & surrounding areas. Tutors are based no more than about a mile from Coventry's City Centre. They can either tutor at your home or in some cases you may visit the tutor. All tutors are teachers local in schools and we are only available out of school hours, (most days after 4pm) and during most school holidays. If your child is tutored by us they will always have the same tutor. Appointments are flexible with no continued obligation. We do ask that you give us notice if appointments can't be kept as this helps us to help another child instead.

Please Note : Tutors will NOT take on students who attend the school the tutor teaches at. We will therefore need to know which school the student attends and allocate tutors accordingly.

We have the best tutors in Coventry and here are some of the reasons why :-

  • All of our tutors have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and have successfully completed their Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) probationary year. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by The Teaching Agency (a DFE agency). Members of the public can verfiy any certificate numbers with the DFE to confirm whether a person is actually a UK qualified teacher.
  • All of our tutors have taught as qualified teachers for a minimum of 5 years in UK schools (most Coventry tutors advertising their services have NEVER taught in schools) .
  • Did you know it is a Criminal Offence to offer tutoring services to under 17 year olds without an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check? As qualified teachers all of our tutors have undergone an Enhanced CRB check (and have the certificate/paperwork) to assure suitability for working with children.
  • All of our tutors have attained their Bachelors / Masters degrees from top UK universities (the Russell Group of universities) and have attained a First Class or 2:1 with Honours, (our tutors don't have 2:2's or 3rd class degrees).
  • In contrast to many teachers who have attained their qualified status through the Graduate Training Programme (GTP), all of our tutors also hold a PostGraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE) from a 'Russell Group' university.
  • All of our tutors have experience with all of the major examining boards in England & Wales.
  • Our tutors also provide preparation and coaching for entrance examinations for private & Grammar schools as well as coaching and preparation for Oxford and Cambridge entrance.
  • Finally, all of our tutors are also parents, we believe this provides them with the kind of empathy, understanding and patience that is often unique to parenthood.

Our aim is to help children achieve their full potential, build their confidence and develop them to become better learners.

We tutor for a range of needs, whether your child wants to get ahead, is falling behind in class and needs extra help or your child just wants to become a better learner at school. Below is a list of our current curriculum areas we provide tuition services for :
  • 11+ Coaching and tutoring for Birmingham & Warwickshire
  • Maths at Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE (Year3 up until Year11)
  • English at Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE (Year3 up until Year11)
  • The Key Stage SATs (SAT : Standard Assessment Test)
  • Science at Key Stage 2 & 3 (Year3 up until Year9)
  • Chemistry at GCSE / A Level
  • Chemistry at undergraduate level
  • Biology at GCSE
  • Physics at GCSE
  • ICT at Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE / BTEC & A Level (Year3 to 13)
  • Computer Science at GCSE / BTEC & A Level
  • We also tutor for other L2 & L3 courses such as the OCR Nationals

  • NEW : We now also offer Spanish at all levels (GCSE, A Level & Higher)

Whatever your child's aspirations, we all know that the learning children do in their school years is invaluable and this time will be increasingly difficult to make up. Don't delay, if you have any concerns about your child's progress please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

MasterClass Tuition is a free Coventry based tutor referral service offering tutoring throughout the whole of Coventry. We believe we have the very best tutors as all of our tutors are qualified teachers with QTS and all having at least 5 years teaching experience in UK schools. We can provide tutoring at all levels and in most subjects. We also help prepare for Key Stage1 (KS1) Key Stage2 (KS2) & Key Stage3 (KS3) SATs.


About Us
We offer one to one tuition in Coventry. We are very well qualified experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and with a minimum of 7 years teaching experience in UK schools. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by The Teaching Agency (a DFE agency).

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