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Is It Really Worth Seeking Private Tuition?
If you are reading this, you have already decided that education is one of the most important investments you can make and are probably deciding which tutor to go for. Did you know, even though we have the best tutors in Coventry, many tutors charge virtually the same as us?

Why Private Tuition & Not Private Evening & Weekend Classes
If you feel your child is finding it difficult to keep up or get ahead in a class full of other students at school then why send them to another hired class hall full of other students? Many Coventry tutors are running classes for different aged children from different schools with different needs in different subjects all at once! We believe schools already strive to do a good job of teaching large classes of students. The whole point of private tuition is sometimes some children need that extra ongoing one to one help. If you feel this is what your child needs, we advise parents to seek one to one private tuition.

If You Pay For Private Tuition Make Sure You Receive Private Tuition
Many private Coventry private tuition classes have around 10 or more students per tutor (often more). That effectively means each pupil can only be seen on a one to one basis a maximum of 6 minutes each. If you've paid for 'private tuition', is your child getting this in a hall full of other students? The answer is of course NO! Of course it's great for the tutors, they "earn" more per hour, but is it really great for your child? If you have read this far, it's clear what your child needs is not a seat in a cheap community hall with lots of different aged students doing different subjects from different syllabuses being taught by different tutors who may not even be qualified. What your child needs is private tuition from an experienced and well qualified teacher (who's also a parent) in a home environment at a time that suits you.

Are You Still Wondering Whether It's Really Worth It ?

  • If your child needs about an hour or two a week of tuition, then don't place them with a tutor who wants to divide the hour between as many children as they can get away with. Get them the one to one tuition they need.
  • We are one of the more inexpensive services listed in the Yellow Pages, if you were to contact any business (for example, a plumber, an electrician, a painter or any tradesman) from any page in the Yellow Pages, they would charge more per hour than we do as qualified experienced professionals. For example :
  • If you need a minor problem with your car looked at, you'll pay a mechanic what works out to more than £40 per hour.
  • If you need a new carpet fitted, you'll happily pay about £30 per hour to have have a "professional" fit it !
  • Need some plastering done? You may be willing to pay more than £50 per hour to have this kind of work done.
  • Need a wedding photographer? Their charges can work out 10 times more than what most of our tutors charge.
  • Need a few extra electrical sockets in your home? As qualified teaching professionals, we'll charge less to educate your child !
  • Got a leak in your bathroom? You'll happily pay what works out more than £50 per hour for anyone to come and have a go at fixing it !

Lets face it, you'll probably pay more for almost ANY other service advertised in the Yellow Pages than what we charge. Yet making sure your child has the best possible chance of succeeding in life is the most important thing you do (that is why you are still reading this). Don't delay, give us a call today and arrange a first session and give your child the opportunity to do better.

The learning children do in their school years is invaluable and it is often increasingly difficult to make up. Don't delay, if you have any concerns about your child's progress please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

MasterClass Tuition is a free Coventry based tutor referral service offering tutoring throughout the whole of Coventry. We believe we have the very best tutors as all of our tutors are qualified teachers with QTS and all having at least 5 years teaching experience in UK schools. We can provide tutoring at all levels and in most subjects. We also help prepare for Key Stage1 (KS1) Key Stage2 (KS2) & Key Stage3 (KS3) SATs.


About Us
We offer one to one tuition in Coventry. We are very well qualified experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and with a minimum of 7 years teaching experience in UK schools. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by The Teaching Agency (a DFE agency).

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