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pupils need private tuition to be top class graduates

Ours Fees
Individual tutors will set their own rates these can vary between £19.50 and £35.00 per hourly session for our one to one tuition - (parents/tutees are free to negotiate fees with tutors). Some tutors may provide a discount if you travel to them. Please call for further information.
Please note : If sessions are persistently cancelled by tutees at very late notice, most tutors will charge 10% extra for the following session. Conversely, if tutors persistently cancel on the day, tutees will receive a 10% discount on the session if taken at a different time. Different penalty charges apply to LACS sessions & council agreements.

Important Notice To Parents - Beware !
Most private tutors charge the same as us. However, we advise potential students to find out whether any prospective tutor is a qualified teacher and whether they understand the National Curriculum and the syllabuses the school is following. Ask to see their GTC registration (you can also contact the GTC direct to verify numbers). We have even heard some "tutors" offering tuition services without any experience or knowledge of teaching whatsoever (some using other peoples certificates, which of course can be perfectly genuine - SO ALWAYS ask to see proof of identity).

We are teachers but we are parents too !
We understand how parents wish to make sure their children get the best possible chances of succeeding and we know that is why you are thinking of buying extra help for your child. That is why we make sure the money you spend on extra help for your child is worth every penny.

MasterClass Tuition is a free Coventry based tutor referral service offering tutoring throughout the whole of Coventry. We believe we have the very best tutors as all of our tutors are qualified teachers with QTS and all having at least 5 years teaching experience in UK schools. We can provide tutoring at all levels and in most subjects. We also help prepare for Key Stage1 (KS1) Key Stage2 (KS2) & Key Stage3 (KS3) SATs.


About Us
We offer one to one tuition in Coventry. We are very well qualified experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and with a minimum of 7 years teaching experience in UK schools. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by The Teaching Agency (a DFE agency).

Contact Details
T : 075 9081 5016
E : MasterClassTuition@Gmail.Com
E : Or Click Here To E-Mail

Popular Subjects
- Mathematics
- English
- Combined Sciences
- Chemistry
- ICT / Computer Science

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