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We Are UK Qualified Teachers From Top UK Universities
All of our tutors have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and have successfully completed their Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) probationary year. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by the General Teaching Council (GTC). Members of the public can, if they wish, verfiy any certificate numbers with the GTC or DFE to confirm whether a person is actually a UK qualified teacher. If your child is being tutored at the moment, we strongly advise you to ask their tutor to show you their certificates so you can verify them with the issuing body.

We Are Experienced Local Teachers
All of our tutors have taught as qualified teachers for a minimum of 5 years in local schools and some have taught for more than 10 years (many Coventry tutors advertising private tuition have NEVER taught in schools).

The "Enhanced" Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Check
It is a criminal offence to offer tuition services to under 17year olds without having undergone a Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, all of our tutors have undergone an Enhanced CRB check and have the certificate to show you. Always ask to see one of these as this also gives you an indication of whether or not the tutor actually works in an educational institution.

We Are Very Well Qualified With Excellent Academic Backgrounds
Our tutors have excellent academic backgrounds from both their own school careers and their university education. All of our tutors have also attained their Bachelors / Masters degrees from top UK universities (the Russell Group of universities) and have attained a First Class or 2:1 with Honours, (our tutors don't have 2:2's or 3rd class degrees).

Our Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Training
In contrast to teachers who have attained their qualified status through the Graduate Training Programme (GTP), all of our tutors have also attained their PostGraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE) from a 'Russell Group' university.

Experience With All The Major Examining Boards
We have experience with working with all of the 3 main examining boards that most Coventry schools use – EdExcel, AQA & OCR. We also know that it is not enough to understand the National Curriculum (see our section on the National Curriculum below), private tutors should also understand the syllabuses that schools follow.

Professionals With Industrial Experience
ALL of our tutors have had previous careers in industry and have held signifcant positions working for Blue Chip organisations before becoming teachers. This provides these tutors with a unqiue combination of industrial experience outside the classroom coupled with extensive teaching experience.

We Also Offer Preparation For Entrance Exams
Our tutors also provide preparation and coaching for entrance examinations for private & Grammar schools as well as coaching and preparation for Oxford and Cambridge entrance.

We Aren’t Just Teachers
Finally, all of our tutors are also parents, we believe this provides them with the kind of empathy, understanding and patience that is often unique to parenthood.

How We Help Your Child Succeed
As parents we understand that if a child enjoys learning, they will find it easier, become better learners and will do much better in all their school work. We work with students to build on their weak areas and set out a plan which will help them reach their potential.

The Difference Between The National Curriculum & Course Syllabuses
The National Curriculum is a broad outline of what children should learn at Local Authority run Schools (Sidney Stringer Academy, Grace Academy, Bablake & King Henry VIII Schools do not have to follow the National Curriculum). What students need to learn for exams can vary enormously. For example, schools will follow different courses from different examining boards. Hence, what your child needs to succeed depends on learning the correct material for the syllabus they are following. We understand the syllabuses which Coventry schools use and therefore can make sure your child learns the correct material.

WARNING : Read Before Booking Your Child In Private Tuition Classes
Our tutors ONLY offer one to one private tuition. We don't try to get as many students as we can into a hall on a Saturday morning. We have been made aware that there are increasing numbers of these kinds of services being set up in the Coventry area. Worse still, some of these services charge you even when your child can't make it. Many claim "we make private tuition affordable". There is nothing private about being one of 20-30 students trying to compete for the attention of a tutor (this can sometimes happen at school and it maybe the very reason you are seeking private tuition). These “private tuition” classes with a few tutors (who may not even be qualified) trying to serve 20-30 children is not private tuition. It’s a good business model for the tutors!

Get What You Are Paying For
In private tuition weekend / evening classes the tutor can't be in two places at once and if they are helping someone else's child, they can't help yours! If you have read this far, it's clear what your child needs is not a seat in a community hall with lots of other students of different ages being set work in different subjects by different tutors who may not even be qualified. What your child needs is good quality private tuition from an experienced and well qualified teacher (who's also a parent) in a home environment at a time that suits you.

MasterClass Tuition is a free Coventry based tutor referral service offering tutoring throughout the whole of Coventry. We believe we have the very best tutors as all of our tutors are qualified teachers with QTS and all having at least 5 years teaching experience in UK schools. We can provide tutoring at all levels and in most subjects. We also help prepare for Key Stage1 (KS1) Key Stage2 (KS2) & Key Stage3 (KS3) SATs.


About Us
We offer one to one tuition in Coventry. We are very well qualified experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and with a minimum of 7 years teaching experience in UK schools. QTS is awarded by the Department For Education (DFE) and is regulated by The Teaching Agency (a DFE agency).

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